Intimacy & Sexuality Coaching for Couples


I believe that our desire to work on our sexuality is more than just a call to fix something that’s not working. It’s a call to actualize our deepest desires around human connection.

I believe that sexuality work is transformative. It is life-changing. It is a sexual crucible that calls us to grow.

In fact, I believe challenges around sexual desire are about health and growth rather than pathology, an opportunity and a calling to step into the next level of self-realization and connection.

Which is why I take my clients through a sexual growth program that involves becoming our best selves in relationship with another person. It is a process of growing and evolving into being sexually mature, independent and available to connect to ourselves and our partners in a way that brings pleasure, joy and closeness.

It is a combination of learning about your sexual self, how to stand in your own truth, and how to meet another human being through sexual and emotional intimacy. It’s a process that involves all of you: your attitudes, thoughts, feelings and your body.

My work is heavily influenced by the evidence-based "attachment" approaches and tools by John & Julie Gottman of the Gottman Institute, based on 30 years of couples research at the Love Lab at the University of Washington, as well as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) techniques pioneered by Sue Johnson.

Sex Coaching for Couples

Sex coaching combines the power of coaching and transformational change with the deep understanding of human sexuality dynamics and relationship dynamics. Curious: What is sex coaching?

Focus Areas in Sex & Intimacy Coaching for Couples

Every coaching journey — whether with a couple or an individual client — is custom-tailored for your specific situation and is highly experiential and transformative. It also includes the following basic elements:


When we feel safe with our partners — when are able to open up about our needs and desires and trust that we will be heard — magic happens. When partners are emotionally connected, accessible, responsive and engaged, we let our guard down and allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable by sharing our deepest desires and our hearts and opening up to receiving. Sex becomes erotic play.

Satisfying sex and connection go hang in hand. By creating an environment where it’s “safe to be risky,” our libido heightens and partners move from physical satisfaction to deeper intimate bliss.  

Work in this area includes breaking through barriers to connection, learning to speak vulnerably and ask for what you want powerfully, and addressing conflict in a way that helps deepen intimacy.


Sexual desire is a potent force for connection and intimacy. It is a raw expression of our humanness and our eroticism. Yet most couples rarely allow themselves full permission to express directly what they want and need, building barriers to protect themselves from rejection and disappointment, and resorting to complaining or withdrawing altogether.

In this area, we focus on cultivating desire, expressing it cleanly and asking for what you want in a way that deepens erotic connection, builds pleasure and stokes our own turn-on.


Understanding sex and sexuality is more than knowing the best positions or ways to bring a partner to orgasm. Just as we have different personalities, we also have different sex languages and what works to arouse our bodies. By expanding on your erotic education, you will learn the ways that we differ — as individuals and as men/women — and how to speak each other’s language to meet each other to deepen both pleasure and connection.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • Erotic languages and what turns your body on
  • The workings of the female libido and how to stoke its fire
  • Masculine/feminine polarity
  • Arousal anatomy for women and men
  • Expanded orgasm for women and men
  • Delaying ejaculation in men for longer and more pleasurable sex
  • 3 types of sex and how to have the sex you want (and avoid the one you don’t)


We learn how to do something differently by doing it differently, not just talking about it — which is why actual practices are key. I introduce different exercises for you to learn about each other and your bodies through touch.

Practices include hugging practices, explorative touch, and sexual practices such as Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and Tantric massage. Expect to set aside time each day to practice these as you grow new muscles and also use the practices to discover new ways of connecting.


All programs include:

  • Experiential learning: through action and practice, we get to learn a different way

  • Real-time feedback: you’ll get honest, straightforward feedback and tools for improvement

  • Transformation of unhelpful habits: I will help you find freedom from habits that hold you back so you can get the results you want

  • Practice: exercising the new muscles with relevant, customized exercises during and between sessions

Because I work with a small handful of clients at a time, you will get my full attention and awareness. I’m extremely selective about the clients I work with. 



  • Discover each other with connection-deepening conversations and powerful physical/touch practices
  • Work through conflict around sex in a way that brings out the best in both of you and draws you closer

  • Learn about Slow Sex, sexual presence, sexual polarities and other energetic concepts to enhance your sexual experience

  • Share your desires and experience in a way that turns you on and brings you closer

  • Deepen intimacy in conflict and come towards each other when it feels like you want to pull apart

  • Become more present and attuned to each other’s energy to be able to meet each other and create turn-on and passion from ordinary situations

  • Turn communication gridlocks into vulnerable, intimacy-creating moments

  • Create physical and energetic connection to create "all-day foreplay" (and more intimacy)

  • Transform "performance" and "pleasing" modes to experience true intimacy and connection

For HER:

  • Communicate deep desires in a way that brings out the best in your partner

  • Feel pleasure in your body and bring energy to your sex and relationship

  • Relax into your feminine presence and let yourself enjoy the experience fully

  • Communicate your deep feelings and emotions in a way that creates trust, connection and turn-on between the two of you

For HIM:

  • Use your deep masculine energy to create trust and safety in the relationship for both of you to open up and create deep sexual fulfillment for both of you

  • Play her body like a music instrument with your body, energy and touch 

  • Powerfully lead in your relationship from a place of deep integrity with your desire (which turns women on)

  • Understand what’s really keeping your woman from opening to you and how you can change that


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