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I am here because I know that you can and deserve to have what you deeply desire. My job is to create breakthroughs for you to help you not only have the sex life you want, but to achieve the kind of life goals that you deeply desire, such as having a fulfilling intimate long-term relationship where you feel free to be yourself.

I have had clients come to me who've faced various challenges such as:

Clients decide to work with me because they're ready to make significant changes in their life, and they need support along the way. They may want to meet the partner of their dreams and realize that their dread of sharing themselves sexually stops them. They may desire more sexual connection with themselves after a sexual hiatus, but are confused on how to even have that conversation with their partner. 

  • I am my clients' guide and mentor, drawing on personal experience, research and training, and my extensive work with clients to provide expertise and resources.
  • I am their champion, who reminds them of their greatness and celebrates their successes.
  • I am an advocate for my clients' dreams, and my only agenda is their success.

Coaching for



The Coaching Process

We start the coaching process with an expectation to spend a minimum of six months working together. Once clients experience the power of this unique partnership in all aspects of their life, they often stay much longer.

The process of coaching is a transformative one, designed to give you the tools to access your confidence, resilience and courage as well as achieve the goals you've set out for yourself. To facilitate this process (and ensure its success), I ask my clients to commit to the entire process by committing to themselves—for the sake of their goals. 

Unfortunately our lack of awareness and openness around sex, sexuality and intimacy has us all believe that we should know how to do all that easily. And that's far from the truth. 

Creating a life that you love takes courage, commitment, and hard work. Finding and sustaining sexual desire and fully and freely expressing yourselves sexually requires stepping outside of your comfort zone. That means mastering your fears and anxieties so that they don't stop you. And it requires clarity about what you want and the courage to stay true to yourself. All of this is a process.

Most clients are surprised when in the first few months, I ask them to take the focus off their sex life (and their partners) and instead focus on themselves. Becoming intimate with yourself is the most fundamental aspect of creating freedom, ease and enjoyment in your sexual relationship. 

In the beginning, many clients tell me that they cannot afford to take time to work on themselves. I tell them they can't afford not to. Excuses seem real and insurmountable—they're busy taking care of others; they run demanding businesses or have energy-consuming jobs; the cost of living is too high already so they can't afford to spend money on themselves; they're too old or too young; it's too soon; it's too late. The most arresting excuse of all is they believe life happens to them, and they're powerless to change their lives.

My job is to remind you that you're in charge of your life. With the right tools, and clarity, you can make the most challenging situations work for you. It is through your decisions (including deciding how you want to be) that you get to craft your life. And I am here to help.

When we work together, we will craft an approach that will address your specific situation. We will dig deep into what you deeply desire, work on removing the blocks and fears, and check in with progress along the way.

I am believe in a holistic "all-hands-on-deck" approach and do not hesitate to refer clients to other practitioners, including medical and alternative medicine doctors, energy healers (e.g., Theta, Reiki), massage therapists, Somatic Experience practitioners, couples counselors, or hormonal experts.


Who is this coaching for?

This kind of approach is best suited for you if you're ... 

  • Ready to make changes in your life (but, let's get real here: none of us are ever really ready. But there comes a point in our lives when the pain and dread of another day living as is—or the thought of living your life without having experienced what you deeply want—outweighs the fear of doing something different. If you are there, you are ready!)
  • Committed to being courageous in the face of fear and taking consistent action, even if it feels hard
  • Willing to fail and learn from your mistakes so you don’t make the same mistakes repeatedly
  • Ready to take charge of your life and take action

This work is NOT for ... 

This is not the right approach if you ... 

  • Do not believe that you're an active agent in your own life, capable of creating what you desire
  • Want to analyze your life rather than step into action to transform it
  • Are not willing to do the work between sessions and just want to rely on the “talking therapy” part
  • Are not willing to try different approaches and play with what comes up
  • Want short-term or quick solutions and are not interested in deeper personal growth


The first investment is YOUR commitment.

Having done this work myself and coached my clients, I know that this kind of work will absolutely bring up fears and anxiety, in even the strongest of us. Fear is normal—it means that you’re looking at something that is important to you. Very important. (Think about it: have you ever experienced fear when choosing whether to have a burger or steak for dinner? No, because it's a decision of little meaning.)

I have designed my program with your results—and your fears—in mind: it is a multiple-months-long, deep and involved process that empowers you to have the results you want—even (especially!) when life and resistance get in the way. Together, we will welcome your fears so we can make them allies in getting you what you deeply desire.

Should things come up, we will reschedule. Should life get difficult, we’ll address the challenges in our sessions. Whatever comes up is never a barrier to you getting the results you want—it’s life testing you if you want it enough. My job is to help you ride the waves rather than stop the ride altogether (and train you to have this level of resilience in all aspects of your life).

Need help talking to your partner about sex coaching? Read these tips and download a worksheet to help you navigate this intimate conversation.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Q: Is coaching confidential?

A: Confidentiality is the key to creating a successful coaching environment. As a professional coach, it is my duty to provide protect any and all information that you share with me during our coaching sessions, phone conversations or other exchanges, in and outside of the coaching sessions, during and after the time of our coaching engagement. I abide by the Code of Ethics of the International Coaching Federation.

+ Q: How is sex coaching different from sex therapy or psychotherapy?

A: Read the detailed FAQ

+ Q: Is 6 months all I need to work with you?

A: Clients who are truly committed to doing the work (i.e., they make room in their life for and commit to attending the sessions and practicing their homework) achieve their goals within 6 months. Some continue on for longer to delve deeper or achieve the next set of goals. Most of my clients work with me for 9-12 months because they continue to see the results they want in all areas of their lives.

+ Q: I am not in Denver or nearby. How do virtual sessions work?

A: Sessions can be on the phone (cell, landline or Internet phone such as WhatsApp or Viber) or video chat (Skype or Zoom). Online options require a stable Internet connection.

In either case, you will need to be in a space with privacy and freedom from distractions so you can focus on your breakthroughs without interruption. Some sessions may include movement, so a space where you can move freely is important.

+ Q: What does a typical session look like?

In a typical 1-hour coaching session, we do a mix of

  • Checking in what you've done and learned since our last coaching session
  • Discuss questions, struggles, desires that came up in your life
  • Delve deeper into a mix of exploration (some of it may be talking, and it can include exercises, visualizations and even movement), education and reframing, and determine next steps to move you forward and leave you clear and excited to continue the momentum on your own.

Each session is unique and different and is tailored to where you are in your life and in the process.

+ Q: If I can’t make it to a session, can I reschedule?

A: There is a 24-hour cancellation and rescheduling policy for regular sessions, so let me know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule a session. Unless you’re very ill or there’s a last-minute family emergency, you will forfeit your session. That said, you get one “oops, I messed up!” pass, which means you can miss a session for any reason once without penalty.

+ Q: What's your cancellation policy and can I get a refund?

A: My goal as your coach is to be of service to you and your goals. My programs are designed to empower you to have the results you want—even (especially!) when things get in the way. If there is anything that is not working or doesn’t feel right, please bring it to my attention in the moment so that I have a chance to find a solution. Whatever comes up, we will work to strengthen our relationship so that it supports your growth.

Should you want to cancel on our engagement, you have 24 hours after committing to cancel. After that, the investment is non-refundable. Thereafter, you have up to a year to use up the remaining sessions or transfer them to any other product or service I offer.

+ Q: Is there any kind of touch involved?

I do not engage in any physical or sexual contact with my clients during or outside of client sessions. Any request for such engagement shall result in immediate termination of the coaching relationship.

I teach my clients various practices to do with their partners. Should you want to get training in one of the practices, such as Orgasmic Meditation, I will be present as a trainer during the training, guiding you and your partner in the practice


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Need help talking to your partner about sex coaching? Read these tips and download a worksheet to help you navigate this intimate conversation.

Everything you share with me, in this form and otherwise, is strictly confidential, regardless whether you work with me or not. 

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