Certified coach specializing in sex, intimacy & desire for women & couples. 

I offer an experiential approach that weaves together mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, positive psychology, shadow work, somatic awareness as well as the latest findings in neuroscience to help clients with

After working together, my clients  

  • Date successfully and enter fulfilling relationships
  • Deepen existing relationships
  • Feel confident in asking for what they want
  • Lead more powerfully on behalf of themselves in negotiations and crucial conversations in all areas of their lives 

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In person in the Denver, Colorado Metropolitan Area

Worldwide via phone and Skype


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Learn to love your body, connect to pleasure in sex, calm the monkey mind, and ask for what you want in your relationship. Work with me >>>


Deepen intimacy by repairing safety and trust in the relationship and infusing desire and vulnerability into your sex life.  Work with me >>>

I feel fully alive, vital and sexy. My relationship with my husband is hotter … sexier … exciting.

I see myself completely differently. My love for myself (and realization that I matter) has grown tremendously. I don’t feel numb anymore. I don’t hold back as much. I feel fully alive and vital and sexy. I feel powerful and magnetic. What I am most proud of is my openness to talk with my husband about things I was afraid to ask for before. My relationship is hotter, more fun, sexier, exciting. Coaching with Irene has been fun, and the most valuable coaching I’ve ever gotten.

Suzan, Co-Active Relationship Coach


Irene helped me find and connect, mind & body, to the woman I knew was inside.

I had spent years in my head and totally disconnected from my body. I felt flat. I knew I wanted to feel differently but I wasn't sure what to do about it. Irene helped me to zero in on how I wanted to feel within my body, then name and claim those desires. I laughed, cried, cussed, and got turned on! Working with Irene was nothing short of transformational. Don't let her sweet voice fool you though, she's tough ... and you'll love her for it! 

Stephanie H.